Create NFT Collection, Deploy Smart Contracts, Mint NFTs

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refer to Edward Jones’ articles

  1. Create Your Own NFT Collection With Python
  2. Generate Your NFT Metadata
  3. How to Deploy NFT Smart Contracts
  4. Mint Your Own NFTs With Web3.js

those articles are very nice and easy to follow but some points have to be noticed.

  • for the second article, “Make sure you add an additional “/” on the end!” should be highlighted
  • before upload images to Pinata, add the code of the section “Generate NFT metadata” to the previous python file in the first article
  • for the third article, Ropsten Test Network have to be enable from metamask
    • Setting > Advance > Show test networks
  • the website of Ropsten faucet would use this
  • the most difficult part of the whole tutorial is to compile smart contract by Hardhat. there is an error while running npx hardhat compile, because the solidity version is old. change solidity: "0.7.3" to solidity: "0.8.10"
  • in the last article, in step 5, the link to put into mintNFT is every metadata json, which should be
  • the id for NFT to be imported could refer to “Tokens Transferred” in Transaction detail page, generally starts from 1 to total number you have minted

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